Sleep Peacefully at Night

We Offer Bed Bug Removal in Grand Blanc, MI

Bed bugs are very sneaky insects that latch onto your skin as your sleep. It's not usual for a home to become infested by bed bugs, and they hide anywhere - under loose wallpaper, between couch cushions and even in drawer joints. If you've noticed signs of these annoying, biting pests, you need to act fast because bedbugs reproduce rapidly. Contact the experts at Rest EZ Pest Control. We'll treat all your rooms to eliminate the problem inside and out of your walls.

Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate, but you can trust our expert team to get the job done.

Signs that your home needs bed bug treatment

Signs that your home needs bed bug treatment

You shouldn't have to spend all night worrying about what might be lurking in the darkness. Look for these signs to know if you need bedbug treatment today:

  • Evidence of bedbug skin or droppings on your sheets
  • Bites or red marks on your body when you wake up
  • Finding a bedbug on your mattress
  • Eggs, eggshells and yellow skins shed by growing bed bugs 

Once our team identifies bed bugs, we'll use safe and effective bed bug control methods to get rid of them once and for all. Call the experts at Rest EZ Pest Control in Grand Blanc, MI today.